About two years ago I moved to a new home with my daughter. I faced a problem again; I wanted to buy art but I didn’t have a chance to buy. I figured there must be other people in the same situation. 

In my opinion, art has to make some feelings or otherwise it’s useless to have it on the walls. I started to find posters without success. Webshops’ and big markets’ posters didn’t please me. That was the beginning of Anouk Studio. 

The main idea of Anouk Studio is to enable art for everyone who is interested because art belongs to everyone! We also want to give a new way to earn for the artists and that’s why artists get 50% of the profit. 

We respect nature in every possible way. We don’t have storage, all the products are made by order. Also packages are recycled material. 

We want to bring color and joy to your every day living, emotions and feel of secure, personality to your home. We hope you consider before buying and hopefully the artpiece remaines with you for the rest of the life. 

From the blog you can follow Anouk Studio’s journey and there you can also get information about art. Welcome onboard! 

Warm Regards, 
Mindi Pekola